100 Days Agenda

Brief Explanations

The six themes are as follows:

1) Transforming governance, where PTI made commitments to bringing accountability to the center of government, depoliticizing police, replicating local government reform, transforming access to justice and reforming the bureaucracy.

2) Strengthening the Federation, where the PTI made commitments to expedite the merger of Fata, create South Punjab province, put in place a Karachi development plan, rehabilitate Balochistan and put in place a special poverty alleviation programme from the poorest districts in each province.

3) Revitalizing economic growth, where the PTI made commitments to revive manufacturing, rapidly grow SME sector, Launch policy framework to build five million houses, boost tourism, reform the tax administration, improve Pakistan’s doing business rankings to top 100, transform state-owned-enterprises, fix Pakistan’s energy challenge, make CPEC a game changer and enhance access to finance.

4) Uplifting agriculture and conserving water, where the PTI made commitments to impose an agriculture emergency to increase farmer profitability, improve access to finance for farmers, transform agriculture produce markets, value-addition incentives, revamp livestock sector and upgrade and implement the national water policy.

5) Revolutionizing social services, including transforming education and health, expanding the social safety net, putting in place a development programme for women, providing clean drinking water and initiating a 10 billion tree tsunami.

6) Ensuring Pakistan’s national security, where the PTI made commitments to update and expand institutional structure of Foreign Ministry, increase Pakistan’s regional and global relevance, leverage on foreign policy to strengthen the economy, form a national security organisation and enhance internal security.

ENSURING IMPLEMENTATION, where the Imran Khan made commitments to select a cabinet of change leaders, will personally oversee reform and manage the performance of his team, There will be a Reform Unit driving change in the Prime Minister’s Office and to run Pakistan’s most transparent government.

PTI 100 days Agenda in Urdu by Insaf.PK on Scribd

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